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How to refill a perfume bottle?

How to refill a perfume bottle?

Perfumes are an essential thing in our daily lifestyle- not only to smell nice or hide body odor; a multitude of research has effectively proved that various fragrance possess qualities to uplift our mood, make us feel energetic, and plant based perfumes like Eucalyptus can even help to manage blocked noses and headaches. The refilling method honestly comes handy especially during tours and travels. 

However, given the environmental condition of our beloved blue planet, reusing and recycling perfume bottles might be an effective contribution on our part in order to improve the health of Earth. I mean it runs our lives and I am sure we want our future generations to enjoy these majestic things called Perfumes. 

Refilling perfume bottles is a great idea- not only it protects the environment, it protects and preserves our pockets and saves us the emotional turmoil that we face while throwing away those cute little bottles especially those by companies like Gucci and Chanel. 

Refilling a perfume bottle is extremely simple. Few basic tools, some patience, and a few tips and tricks should be enough. 

  • First, you need to get hold of some scissors and tissues. Then open the cap and remove the sprayer. (Slow down…like many things in life this is absolutely not a competition.) Right away open the base of the sprayer.

Just to be safe, take a tissue and wipe the neck of the bottle. This will help you clean all the tiny glass particles that might be present.

So, the first step is over

Let us embark on the next prime step, that is to Refill A Perfume Bottle.

  • Go to your closet/ dressing table/ anywhere- I mean go wherever you want but come back with the essence that you wish to refill.

Gather all your patience and slowly pour the essence in the bottle. This is a time taking process. We do not want to spill the essence over the edges.

Once we are done with these, we need to -

  • Seal The Bottle. This should be easy. 

We just need to reverse the steps

  • Fix the base of the sprayer. This step might be a little tricky and if you cannot do it then just put the sprayer in the bottle and tighten the cap.

Give your perfume a vintage touch with a gorgeous bottle. Perfumes are like miracles, make it happen! SMELL THE ORIGINALITY OF YOUR PERSONALITY